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Our audience of data science professionals is growing rapidly, but Outer Join is a still a new service and we’re looking for input from remote employers to help us meet your needs.

We'll list your remote data science job on our site for free if you’re willing to answer three questions:

  • Where do you advertise data science-related roles and look for talent today?
  • What has been your most successful channel for finding hires and–if you know–why?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your job advertising efforts?

Simply send us a link to the position or to your careers page. (We’re good at finding the data science roles :). We’ll follow up shortly and can spend 15 minutes with you on the phone or take your answers by email, whatever works best for you.

Please note: We reserve the right to decide whether to publish a job on our board. You can get a good sense of what jobs are appropriate by browsing the list of jobs on our site, but generally speaking, your job is appropriate for our board if it’s:

  • Permanently remote. If the role is currently remote due to COVID-19 but will transition to onsite, it is not a fit for this board–we only list roles that are remote ongoing.
  • Data-science related. Broadly speaking, jobs in data science (including artificial intelligence and machine learning), data analytics (including business intelligence and analytics), and data engineering.
  • Published by the hiring organization. Jobs must display the hiring organization's name and link directly to the organization’s job description. We do not allow listings that link to recruiter sites.

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