Data Analyst/Content Writer

Data Analyst/Content Writer

Rakam - Data Analyst/Technical Writer

Rakam, founded in 2016, is a product analytics solution that helps teams in data-driven companies like Rappi, OLA, Foodpanda and Aptoide understand how their users are using their products by getting insights directly from their data warehouse which is now the single source of truth. Rakam works on top of the data warehouse without ingesting or duplicating data.

We’re looking for an analytical and passionate team member with a growth mindset to join our remote team.

About the Role:

This is a fully remote opportunity. You can work from anywhere in the world. You will be responsible for modeling the data from various sources (Stripe, Hubspot, Segment etc. ) and preparing them for analysis on Rakam. You will create, test and document playbooks/pre-defined models that can be adopted by all Rakam users when they want to analyze relevant data. We’re also expecting you to educate the world about how and in which use-cases they can use Rakam by creating documentation & content. These content ideas could vary from:

  • How to analyze Stripe data with Rakam,
  • Comparison between Rakam & other BI tools,
  • Product analytics with Segment + Snowflake + Rakam.

Some of what you'll do:

  • Creating models and playbooks for various data sets such as Stripe, Segment, GA, Facebook Ads - e.g. Out-of-the-box data models for Stripe data.
  • Creating documentation & blogs to show in which use-cases these playbooks can be useful.
  • Creating content to showcase the pros and cons of Rakam compared to other BI tools.
  • Modeling a given dataset (Transactional, Event, Marketing data etc. ) to extract the related KPIs and metrics and later creating visualization and dashboards on Rakam.
  • Modeling data in dbt.

What you’ll bring:

  • Experience with data visualization, data modeling and building dashboards.
  • Experience as a Technical content writer.
  • Experience with SQL to analyze and transform data.
  • Experience with BI or product analytics tools (Amplitude, Looker, Tableau, PowerBI etc.)
  • Experience with dbt.
  • Experience with data warehouses (Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift etc.)

You’ll get:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Equity
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible vacation and sick days
  • Remote Working
  • Part-time/task-based/full-time work opportunities.

How to apply:

  • Your resume or Linkedin profile.
  • The details about the tools you’ve been using.
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