Data Integrity Manager

Data Integrity Manager

Who We Are:

We reward shoppers for digitizing their shopping experience. 
Our mission is to delight the world’s shoppers with a free smartphone app that is easy, smart and fun.

Why Join the Fetch Family?

We make it better for users even when that's difficult for us
We empower people with information and trust
We challenge ideas, not people
We think bigger and keep building
We find ways to bring the fun to Fetch!

We're committed to building an empowered and inclusive community of innovative and passionate people. As a growing organization, we need team players who can go above and beyond their individual responsibilities to help our company build towards its vision. If you are a creative, hard-working, and fun-seeking person interested in working with a close-knit group of highly talented people, this is the right place for you.

Fetch Rewards is an equal employment opportunity employer.

The Role!

Fetch has a culture to continuously challenge ourselves to do better, and improving the product will improve the user experience. One area of focus is scanning accuracy and the integrity of the receipt data which powers the user experience. The Data Integrity Manager will contribute to our continuous improvement of the user experience by developing and improving processes as well as building and overseeing a team around the scoring of receipt scan accuracy and building product catalogs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Build and improve upon processes to score the accuracy of receipt scanning
  • Create systems to curate catalogs of grocery products and restaurant menu items
  • Develop a team of experts to measure the accuracy of receipt OCR transcription, categorization, and matching
  • Create scorecards to measure the accuracy of receipt scans, for variety of data points including merchant name, date, total, purchase items, item price, etc.
  • Work with engineers and data scientists to create a catalog of products, including manual searches and data entry
  • Identify and escalate data inaccuracy trends as opportunities for improvement
  • Designing tools to streamline processes and minimize errors
  • Employee Hiring and onboarding, development, and separation
  • Budgeting, Projecting, and Scaling the team efficiently

Performance Measures

We know we’re both succeeding when:

  • Your team successfully completes scorecards to measure the accuracy of receipt data
  • Your team efficiently creates catalogs of merchants, products, and menus
  • Fetch has a consistent measure of accuracy which increases due to your work 
  • You take ownership of the success of the data integrity practice, and identify opportunities for improvement in processes, systems, tools, etc.
  • Your team is skilled, effective, and excited to be a part of the team

Skills and experience we believe you will need for this position

  • Visionary for new process development
  • Strong organization skills to keep track of multiple data points simultaneously.
  • Excel experience to organize and structure data as well as interrogate it with pivot tables and graphs
  • Attention to detail and ability to stay diligently focused while reviewing spreadsheets of receipt data
  • Ability to identify trends and commonalities in sets of data.
  • 2+ years as a respected and motivating people manager.
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