Data Science Lead

Data Science Lead

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at Vivante Health.

Remote – US Only

About Vivante

Vivante Health is an innovative startup reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed. We’re filling the unmet needs of people with chronic conditions that are invisible, neglected or stigmatized, starting with digestive disease.

Why digestive? Because an astonishing 70 million people in the US are affected—that’s twice the number with diabetes and more than many other chronic conditions combined. Unlike other chronic conditions, though, digestive diseases often go untreated or misdiagnosed…because of stigma.

At Vivante, we think it’s time to bring digestive health to the forefront while providing REAL solutions to the millions who are struggling and don’t know where to turn. Our health management ecosystem, GIThrive, empowers people—through brilliant technology and advanced science—to spend less time worrying about their digestive symptoms and more time living life. GIThrive is the first and only employer-sponsored program for digestive health.

We’re a young company, but our collective experience in clinical care, patient education, and consumer technology is unmatched. If you have the knowledge, passion and experience to enhance our team and the idea of working for a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic startup excites you, we’d love to hear from you.

With a remote-first workforce across the USA and Greece, we’re changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Position Summary

We’re looking for a solution-focused Data Scientist to lead our data experimentation, analytics and ML efforts. Someone with the ability to synthesize complex problems and develop programs to apply data science concepts to improve business efficiencies. If you like designing and building scalable data environments, discovering and operationalizing insights, collaborating with other great engineers, and empowering business stakeholders to perform self-service analytics, please read on!

Our GIThrive solution works with our members (patients) to help identify and manage their digestive health conditions. A big part of this is integrating a variety of novel and industry standard data sources to build the best model of their GI health to power the best recommendations possible. We do this well for solving today’s problems, but Vivante is investing in the future of health science, and that’s where you would come in. We’re currently overhauling our data warehouse, AI, and analytics environments. We’re building data pipelines, labeling data and optimizing schemas. There’s good momentum here, but still plenty of decisions to be made for a well-rounded Data Scientist that wants to have their hands in all of that.

Why is this a great opportunity for a senior data scientist?

  • The problem domain and our approach to solving it is super compelling. We’re bringing together data sources that have never been joined and discovering new GI health insights that help real people to manage and support their real medical conditions
  • It’s still early enough in our big data environment refresh, which means that now is your chance to get in early and help shape the data science program that you’d want to lead later

Other things about our environment you should be aware of:

  • We’re still a small company, which means that everyone still wears a lot of hats and we need a data scientist who’s comfortable doing some of their own data engineering work. That said, we do have strong DevOps support and leverage best-in-class SaaS tooling and frameworks to greatly minimize the data and AI engineering overhead burden
  • We’re all really passionate about improving clinical outcomes for our members and truly advancing the GI health space. Most of us also have personal (direct/family/friend) connections to GI health problems. Whatever it is that fuels you, we’re on a mission to build something much larger than ourselves here and looking for another partner in driving that mission forward

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Grow Data Science as a function and as a core business driver within Vivante
  2. Drive future state of Data Science infrastructure, tooling, and processes
  3. Design and build the structures necessary to power self-service BI tooling for various business stakeholders
  4. Define, experiment, and build predictive models that span multiple functions within the business
  5. Coordinate with different function teams to implement models and monitor model performance/outcomes
  6. Partner with engineering and contribute to our data pipelines with in-depth knowledge of modern data modeling
  7. Partner with internal teams to provide guidance on architecture, datastore selection, data modeling, and query optimization for our existing and future applications

Within 3 months you will:

  • Learn a lot about Vivante products and how we help (currently and in the future) improve clinical outcomes for our members
  • Collaborate with other engineers on data generation, data engineering and data science efforts
  • Move into a lead/ownership role for our Data Warehouse and Data Science initiatives
  • Help build and configure tooling to empower operational BI

Within 6-9 months you will be working on:

  • Empowering clinical teams to perform self-service clinical analytics
  • Supporting (and hopefully leading) efforts for advanced clinical data experimentation and model generation
  • Implementing some of your own ideas!

You’ll be a good fit here if you are:

  • A team player. You like collaborating closely with other engineers, often through pair programming, design & code reviews
  • Empathetic to our members’ GI health conditions and are driven to improve their outcomes
  • Security oriented. We take the stewardship of our customer’s healthcare data seriously, and take no shortcuts to protect it
  • Comfortable with a distributed workforce. We interact with each other via video chat, Slack and PR comments
  • A self motivated, creative problem solver

We’re really proud of the team culture that we foster today, which is extremely friendly and supportive while constantly reaching to raise our own standards of engineering. We’re really excited about what we’re building, and usually having fun building it together. If all of that sounds fun to you too, we’d love to meet you.

Desired Qualifications

  • Degree in Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or a related field, or equivalent experience
  • 4+ years of demonstrated experience designing and implementing data projects from the ground up
  • A successful history of manipulating, processing and extracting value from large disconnected and diverse datasets
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities with colleagues, business partners, and vendors alike
  • Bonus:
    • Familiarity with GCP Data Engineering & Analytics products a plus (such as BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataprep, AI Platform, etc.)
    • Experience working in a regulated environment and supporting data security classifications and controls

To Apply

Please fill out the short application form here.

Vivante Health is an equal opportunity employer.

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at Vivante Health.
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