Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate

Apache Arrow is developing at a rapid pace–so fast that we haven’t had time to introduce and publicize many of the features included in the Arrow libraries. Adoption of Arrow in data science/engineering has grown steadily over the past few years, but we think there are many more people out there who could benefit from Arrow libraries if they were aware of their capabilities and had more helpful guidance for how to get started with them.

We are searching for a developer advocate to promote Apache Arrow and help its users be more successful.


  • Writing and speaking about Apache Arrow and why people should use it, especially in Python and R
  • Identifying new use cases and success stories, as well as missing features, and helping guide the open-source community to solve them (so that you can then write and speak about them)
  • Designing tutorials, how-to guides, and other documentation that helps people get started with Arrow
  • Engaging with users on our mailing lists, Stack Overflow, GitHub, and others to answer questions and triage bugs, learning from their challenges to help us improve our software

About you

  • You have experience in hands-on data science, data engineering, or related: you’ve felt the pain of the problems that Arrow addresses.
  • You communicate with clarity and empathy, and you derive energy from helping people do their jobs better
  • You’re comfortable discussing low-level technical details while also staying focused on the big picture
  • You are able to (and enjoy!) writing code to produce benchmark analyses, tutorials, and other reports

Ursa Labs is a fully distributed organization. This position is remote and open to all candidates globally.

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