Limassol, Cypress
11-50 employees
Palta is an ecosystem of health & lifestyle apps founded by Yuri Gurski, who has successfully built and scaled tech products enjoyed globally.

Head of Data Science, Paced

Head of Data Science, Paced

Head of Data Science, Paced

Job description

Palta is a venture studio focused on creating and developing world-class mobile consumer products. Over the last 5 years Palta has launched 10 startups, including Flo (global leader in female health apps with 37 mln MAU), Prisma (app of the year 2016, 150+ mln downloads), Simple Fasting (#1 fasting app in the US). Palta is a unique community of founders, investors and world-class experts focused on mobile consumer products.

We’re developing a new take on a personal productivity tool: something beyond just a to-do list or a habit-builder. The ultimate goal is to create a schedule that truly understands you, your personal ups and downs and helps plan your day in this respect: maximize productivity without neglecting personal life, sleep, rest, leaving enough time to take care of yourself and never again feeling that the day wasn’t worth it.

We do that by combining a time-blocking approach with auto-planning, data from your calendar and wearables, and applying behavioral science on top.

Time to introduce the founder.

Ilya Zayats, founder and CEO: "For the last 10 years, I have worked in startups either as the first technical hire or as a CTO. I’ve always been curious about personal productivity and novel approaches to it. Said that I’ve never seen a tool that’d be both easy to use, still powerful, and had a clearly defined methodology behind it. So I decided to make one. (Again, the first try was the startup I did in 2009. It had more than 40k users and was sold later.)"

Job requirements

We’re looking for a candidate who can lead our ML-initiative from the beginning, starting from the initial architecture and data collection to creating and leading the team. This position’s high goal is to generate a personalized model for every user based on their personal input sources to guide them to the perfect day composition.

Why working with us awesome:

  • Ability to join a company disrupting the personal productivity industry at a very early stage
  • We are supported by a large and stable investor = we don’t need to worry about funding
  • Equity for each team member
  • Market level comp
  • Work-life balance to suit everyone: flexible working hours, remote-first approach

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