Senior Analytics Engineer (EMEA)

Senior Analytics Engineer (EMEA)

Please do not apply for this role if you are not physically located in Europe, Africa or the Middle East (UTC-1 to UTC+3). While this is a remote position, we can not consider candidates that are not based in these regions. You can find a detailed explanation in our Recruitment FAQs.

The world is undergoing a radical transformation. Work, commerce, and even education are moving online. Hotjar is at the core of that transformation.

Hotjar wants to make the web a better place. We believe many digital experiences - whether they are on desktop or mobile - quite frankly suck, and we are working to change that.

We’re building easy and intuitive product experience insight software for businesses selling online. We’re focused on helping our customers really understand what their end-users are doing on their websites - to help them find those parts of their sites that are hard to navigate, just plain broken, confusing, or simply not enjoyable.

Reporting to our Data Science & Analytics Lead, we’re looking for a curious & collaborative Senior Analytic Engineer, who is passionate about building data solutions & driving change through data, to join our Data Science & Analytics Squad

As a Senior Analytics Engineer in our Data & Analytics Tribe, you’ll work with teams across our tribe, leveraging our data stack (Redshift, dbt, Tableau, Mixpanel, Python) to enable everyone to move quicker, with more confidence in the data. You’ll be responsible for designing, building & maintaining our highest value data assets & data modelling strategy, bringing process, rigor and scalability to the team.

You’ll empower the entire organization to make the best decisions possible by enabling them to have & generate accurate, timely & useful insights.

You will:

  • Develop, maintain and refactor scalable data models & pipelines that allow the business to get maximum value from our datas, with high quality, clean, maintainable analytic code

  • Work closely with stakeholders to drive automation and identify where we can leverage our data to improve processes & decision making across the company

  • Curate, organize and document data definitions, metrics and reporting environments across Tableau, dbt and mixpanel to unlock value and drive efficiency while ensuring data quality.

  • Collaborate with data analysts, engineers & scientists on innovative analytical products

  • Develop and communicate strong opinions on best practices in Analytics Engineering (collecting, cleaning, monitoring data, code reviews, testing requirements etc).

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