Senior Data Analytics (Cross-Project)

Senior Data Analytics (Cross-Project)

Senior Data Analytics (Cross-Project)

Playrix is one of the most successful companies in the world in mobile game development. In terms of revenue, we rank in the top 3 globally and are the top-grossing among all mobile applications in EMEA. Our games have been downloaded 2.3 billion times (a third of the Earth's population), and every day, more than 30 million people play our games worldwide!

We are looking for a Senior Data Analyst to join our team, which is creating and developing a user-level LTV (Lifetime Value) forecasting system and tools for traffic acquisition based on it. Our acquisition is one of the largest in the market, and our evaluation tools are among the coolest, as they are critical for the business. This position presents a non-trivial challenge, requiring from the future analyst an outstanding combination of technical proficiency and understanding of business goals and needs.

This role requires relocation from Russia and Belarus to one of our offices or remote work from other countries (except Russia and Belarus). Find out morehere.



We have formed a team where each member is part of a vast community of analysts. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to actively participate in the exchange of ideas and experiences, find support and insights within a wide circle of top experts in their field, and influence the development of other products and directions.

Senior Data Analyst will focus on the following tasks:

  • Developing predictive models for traffic acquisition
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, preparing reports, and making recommendations for adjustments in acquisitions
  • Organizing the collection and automated processing of collected data
  • Developing dashboards for recurring reports

Our stack

Modern and reusable in other companies stack (JupyterHub or Databricks + PySpark). Skills gained while working at Playrix remain relevant and easily monetizable.

  • No restrictions on tools, resources are allocated quickly, and we have access to the entire AWS
  • Data is collected through Appsflyer (marketing) and Amplitude (product)
  • Raw data is stored in S3, ETL processes are managed by Airflow, and prepared tables and views are stored in Redshift. Data Quality, lineage, cataloging are managed through Monte Carlo
  • Analysts manipulate data using SQL and Python in Jupyter/Databricks notebooks, and they prototype dashboards using Tableau
  • We are developing self-service and analytical products for data consumers, relieving analysts of routine tasks


  • Excellent knowledge and experience working with Python and SQL for over 3 years
  • A passion for analyzing complex problems and a desire to understand everything thoroughly
  • Deep understanding of applied statistics, extensive experience in data analysis, product/marketing analytics
  • Attentiveness and an understanding that double-checking something is never redundant
  • Experience in ML (Machine Learning) would also be very useful
  • Business-oriented, ability to find practical solutions in a limited time, and not overcomplicate where it's unnecessary

Our advantages

  • Abundant Marketing Data: We have a substantial amount of marketing data, including impressions, clicks, and openings
  • In-Depth Exploration of Zones: Nobody delves as deeply into specific areas as we do (e.g., Attribution)
  • Short Feedback Cycle Impacting Business: We experience a very short feedback cycle regarding the impact on business – the marketing effect is significant, and any changes are immediately visible

Our Perks

Work from wherever you like (your home, one of our many offices, or a hybrid combination) and whenever you like thanks to our flexible work schedule.

We reimburse online sessions with a psychologist and offer you and your children healthcare, including dental insurance and treatment for COVID-19.

Work-life balance
We offer a generous amount of paid vacation days and sick leave. In special circumstances, additional days off can be requested.

Professional development and education
We reimburse participation in relevant conferences and courses, and regularly conduct internal bootcamps. We also provide access to discounted English language courses.

Entertainment and merch
Every year we hold hundreds of events around the world, including contests, sports challenges, parties, hackathons, and offline events for individual teams.

We support leading a healthy lifestyle and offer reimbursement for gym memberships, or fitness app subscriptions.

Community involvement
We launch charity projects and support the initiatives of employees through our grant competition.

Work Format

Remote or from one of the company's offices.

Please be aware that all correspondence with representatives of our company is conducted via “” exclusively and no other entities.

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