Sr. Battery Data Scientist

Sr. Battery Data Scientist

This job is no longer open


  • Build machine learning models to provide valuable estimations and predictions to the product and the user. Interface closely with the battery experts (modeling/electrochemical/mechanical/thermal/software) and engineers to define features & metrics from the domain knowledge.
  • Work with vehicle telemetry data at scale to provide insight on the battery health, performance, and powertrain efficiency of Rivian products 
  • Work with battery scientists to improve state of health estimation for batteries based on field data models.
  • Develop statistical and machine learning models for predicting and forecasting field failures, cell chemistry variations, battery health degradation and how various driving behaviors affect battery performance for safety and drivability.
  • Build scalable full stack infrastructure and data pipelines to aggregate telemetry and service data in order to monitor and predict failures in the field. 
  • Research and development of multivariate models for prognostics applications, predictive maintenance, and battery state of health estimation, battery health coaching.
  • Run cloud-based data models to assist improving battery power and energy estimation based on current, voltage and temperature data points across various drive cycles and geographies.
  • Work with embedded systems engineers to bring cloud-based data models to run on embedded systems.


  • Must have 3 or more years of industry experience in a data science or software engineering role or Masters/PhD. Level of role depends on experience and qualifications.
  • Ideally 3-5 years' experience in battery domain, focusing on hardware and engineering
  • Minimum:
    • Experience working with data in Apache Spark, Python and SQL
    • Strong fundamentals in software engineering with Python 
    • Understanding of statistical and machine learning concepts 
    • Data visualization and communication best practices 
  • Ideal:
    • Experience with cloud infrastructure such as AWS with Terraform/Docker 
    • Programming in multiple languages, such as Golang/Scala/C/C++ 
    • Experience with battery prognostics and health management 
    • Working knowledge of mathematical or advanced machine learning concepts 
    • Experience with reinforcement learning
This job is no longer open
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