Staff Data Scientist

Staff Data Scientist

OXIO is the first NeoTelco. We are building the world’s largest, most accessible, and insightful Telecom network. Our platform empowers anyone to spin up their own carrier from a browser, scaling and supporting you as you scale your network to millions of users.

We ensure that users and devices are connected, and stay connected wherever they go: Cross- country, carrier, or cellular technology. We help them pay less for mobile data. This technology is provided through our Carrier-as-a-Service platform: BrandVNO, a fully customizable telecom service. In addition, we enable clients of our service to extract the value from telecom data - enriching their customer experience, business intelligence, and product understanding in the many markets in which we operate.

In OXIO the Staff Data Scientist is responsible for creating high-impact Data Science projects. In close coordination with stakeholders, they are responsible for leading a potentially cross-functional team in providing the best solution to a given problem. Hence, their leadership skills have developed since previous roles in data science. The Staff Data Scientist acts as a technical consultant to Product Managers from different departments. With their vast experience and skills in the major Data Science categories, they will become a highly valued asset to any project.

The Staff data scientist will be key in prioritizing and managing these (greenfield) projects, growing the DS team, and supporting the growth and development of the more junior data scientists in the team. 

The team you’ll be part of
The OXIO data science team extracts value from the vast amounts of data our network / telecom services collect. The team works closely with the data engineering and BI teams to obtain the data in the right format and frequency. The team interacts with business owners to deliver data products in the way it supports OXIO internal and external stakeholders. 

In the words of one of our Data Scientists Golrokh: “Being a data scientist in OXIO gives you the opportunity to drive value from the ever growing  telecom data and make a direct impact on the final products of the company. You'll get to work on the unique projects that bring out your creativity and make you think outside the box. Every day you will learn something new, you’ll use the most recent and state of the art tools, and last but not least you get to work with dedicated people that will never stop helping you to grow.”

A day in the life  
As the staff data scientist in the OXIO data science team you will lead and work on 3 key Data science product groups: 
- Telecom customer experience - Including A/B experimentation, churn prediction, personalized plan recommendations, retention feature importance
- BrandIQ - Our proprietary data product that allows clients to extract value from telecom data. Examples include interest modeling, behavioral modeling, competitive intelligence
- Network anomaly detection - As our services cross carriers and cellular technology, it is key to detect anomalies in live network and data feed in order to act upon issues before they impact our end-users

These projects are supported by the collection of several OXIO data sources, including:
- Geo location data - Either from cellular GPS or network access point locations
- Internet traffic data - Header data of network flows, including IPs, hostnames, etc. 
- Telecom Consumption data - often referred to as CDRs - data / voice / SMS consumption
- Mobile Network data
- Sales / account data

The data science team uses different programming languages and frameworks, including SQL, Python, Airflow, Sagemaker and Snowflake. 

- Bachelor’s degree is required, with preference given to Quantitative degrees (Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Engineering, etc.)
- 7+ years’ of experience with Python, Shell Scripting, SQL, R, Hadoop, Spark, or Pig
- Demonstrable experience in shipping DS powered solutions from strategy into production
- Demonstrable experience in deploying DS powered solutions in streaming applications
- Experience with working in a fast growing startup environment, having demonstrably contributed the growth of a team
- Ability and technical aptitude to create observations and build models to predict and recommend business outcomes
- Analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources using a variety of tools and data analysis techniques
- Demonstrable experience in managing a team of data scientists / analysts
- Preferred: Demonstrable experience in Telecommunications and/or adtech
- Preferred: Master’s degree, preference given to a quantitative degree (Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Sciences, etc.)
Our culture and team

At OXIO, we put our people first. Some of our core values and approaches include:

- Creating a fun environment that empowers you
- Thinking about how to do things better, not how its been done
- Show up for your team, be early, don’t whine or complain without a solution (Pete Carrol) 
- Everything has a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) – ownership and accountability matter
- OKR’s at the bottom should reflect OKR’s at the top
- Don’t get stressed about the future not happening fast enough: you alone can help change it
- You have the power to change one of the most important and dominant industries in modern times
- Management must lead by example with work ethic, empathy, and high expectations
- Our success is built on our unique and disruptive products, provided not only to our enterprise customers, but also to their own customer base
- We are a diverse and inclusive organisation that values diverse points of view and opinions. We believe in empowering individuals, but also realize that team collaboration drives our business forward
- OXIO has a strong technology centric culture, starting with our CEO who has led 2 startups in the space into successful exits.
- Our organization is distributed with Headquarters in New York City and offices in Montreal, Mexico City and Sao Paulo
- Being global and distributed, English fluency ensures we can all communicate, but we place importance on understanding and embracing cultural diversity.


- Be a sub-100 team member at a fast growing start-up
- Have a big impact relative to a small role in larger tech organization
- Mentorship and improvement opportunities
- Career path and growth in individual contributor (IC) tracks as well as management tracks
- Competitive healthcare benefits according to country
- Competitive compensation and a stock option incentive program to ensure long term alignment within the company
- International organization that enables you to work across boundaries, travel to different locations, and enjoy the dynamics of a rapidly growing startup
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