Panorama Education

Boston, MA
51-200 employees
Panorama Education helps educators act on data to improve student outcomes in social-emotional learning, school climate, family engagement, MTSS & more.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

This role can be fully remote, or you can work out of our Boston office.


About the Role

At Panorama, we have a big-picture vision to radically improve student outcomes by helping educators act on data and improve their practice.  

Our data science activities run the gamut from data extraction and pipeline engineering to statistical modeling and data visualization. In this role, your primary goal will be to leverage data science to advance critical research and development (R&D) efforts for our products.

In this role, you will

  • Compile, clean, manage, analyze, and visualize large, one-of-a-kind educational datasets that include longitudinal, high-frequency data from millions of students, including their academic performance, in-class behavior, school attendance, and social-emotional competencies
  • Innovate and help engineer data pipelines and infrastructure to enable product development and educational research
  • Apply traditional and modern statistical techniques to creatively address key questions of practical and theoretical interest, such as the causal impact of educational interventions on student outcomes
  • Imagine and help implement data-driven products that aid educators to better support students
  • Collaborate closely with other data scientists, researchers, engineers, designers, and product managers
  • Concisely summarize extant scholarship and best practices to make that knowledge usable for other team members
  • Work with colleagues and company leadership to develop our data science strategy, priorities, and practices

This role is for you if you

  • Have demonstrable expertise in using data and analytics to reveal insights and improve decision-making
  • Can manipulate large datasets through parallel computing (e.g. Dask, concurrent.futures in Python, multidplyr in R) and convert them into analyzable formats
  • Have broad expertise in traditional and modern statistical methods including, for example, regression, multilevel modeling, psychometrics, dimension reduction, clustering, machine learning, and causal inference
  • Are fluent in one or more relevant programming languages (e.g., Python, R), data manipulation tools within programming language(s) (e.g., Pandas, dplyr) and RDBMSs (e.g, PostgreSQL)
  • Can program scripts (e.g., for data cleaning) not available in existing packages
  • Are a team player who thrives in a collaborative, small-team environment
  • Have formal education or training in data engineering, data science, or statistics
  • Have prior experience working with software engineers and/or product managers as a data scientist, engineer, or analyst
  • Bonus: Prior experience working with K-12 educational data or at an ed tech company
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