Financial Analysis & Business Intelligence Manager

Financial Analysis & Business Intelligence Manager

About Harvest

Harvest is an independent software company that makes tools to help businesses run more smoothly. We believe that businesses only succeed by using their time intentionally. Our products support our customers through time tracking, reporting, and forecasting features.

Harvest started in 2006 as a team of three and has grown to today’s current total of just over 60 lovely faces. We’ve worked as a remote team since the beginning and we continue to hire the right people for the job no matter where they call home.

We also strive to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, included, and heard. One important aspect of this is continuing to create spaces for diverse life experiences and work histories. If you are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in tech, business, and society in general, we want to meet you and we encourage you to apply.

Manager, Financial Analysis and Business Intelligence Position

Harvest is looking for someone with strong SaaS business acumen, excellent storytelling skills, and a robust technical toolkit. You’ll work with key decision-makers throughout the company, and also share your insights and recommendations with all levels of the business, including our CEO. You will also partner closely with our head of data insights to define the data elements that matter and with our marketing, product, and customer support teams to provide insights into revenue/MRR.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is a builder and entrepreneur -- someone who is excited about using data and analytics to push the whole company forward.

What you'll accomplish:

  • Manage detailed financial models in Excel and can leverage our internal data tools (currently Mode)
  • Own the metrics and narrative that drive monthly company performance reviews with our full leadership team; assist in the creation, consolidation and distribution of monthly reports and critical metrics
  • Support the company as we navigate the nuances of how we measure metrics over the course of a customer’s life cycle (i.e., LTV, churn)
  • Automate and own the KPI dashboards that regularly reports the health of the business
  • Consolidate data points from across business units to synthesize the overall story
  • Own deep analyses of our drivers that surface insights that lead to actions. For example, you might:
    • Deep dive on the impact of long term revenue projections from new marketing strategies
    • Partner with product to investigate the underlying drivers of churn and downgrades
    • Understand trends in customer segments
  • Own and report on the inputs to our revenue forecast; work confidently on our financial model with our finance lead.
  • Build strong relationships with all departments and drive data driven conversations in close partnership with our finance and data leads.

Ideal Background and Experience:

  • Strong experience developing financial models – You are extremely comfortable in Excel and can synthesize complex investigations into easily-digestible findings (in chart or written form). Ideally, you have previously worked as a financial analyst
  • Strong business acumen for SaaS businesses – You think deeply about business strategy and profitability, and have experience translating what you see into financial implications. You can proactively identify and investigate potential areas of opportunity with independence
  • Engaged analytical thought partner – You are excited about partnering with coworkers to figure out how analytics can solve problems. You are skilled in translating business questions into data analysis opportunities. You are great at communicating in order to both fully understand someone’s business needs and to communicate potential limitations of your approach
  • Strong time management skills – You are able to manage multiple projects and teams at a time, and consider communication and prioritization keys to your success
  • Clear and concise communicator – You know how to communicate complex concepts effectively and concisely and are comfortable presenting and debating in large groups. We’re looking for strong data advocates who can plug into cross-functional working teams seamlessly and drive cultural pushes for the organization to become more data driven
  • Proficient technical skill – Ideally, you are competent in working in SQL to query and manipulate datasets

How you describe yourself:

  • You like to solve problems - You push yourself to solve problems in novel, scalable ways so that you are never solving the same problem twice
  • You are curious and a learner - You are always seeking to improve yourself, and you love to learn new things while going deeper in the areas you know
  • You thrive on direct, honest, and supportive communication and feedback
  • You are infectiously optimistic - To you, there’s nothing more exciting than a new challenge. Hard things are hard, but you don’t let that get in the way
  • You appreciate the opportunities and challenges that come with finance at a SaaS company - you spend your time learning about and challenging the metrics that the industry uses to measure success

Who you will work with:

  • You will report directly to the VP of Operations
  • You will partner very closely with our Manager of Finance and our head of data (currently on the insights team)
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