San Francisco

Healthcare Data Engineer

*While Amino is based in San Francisco, you can work remotely from anywhere within the United States!*

We’re looking for an experienced Data Engineer with deep healthcare experience to help us make sense of the complex, yet critically important world of healthcare data. At Amino, our goal is to provide everyone with access to clear information that lets them make confident decisions about their health.

As an Amino Healthcare Data Engineer, you’ll be responsible for collaborating with with product managers, data scientists, designers, and engineers to help us make sense of a huge mass and variety of data, in order to help us to increase healthcare transparency, lower costs, and improve outcomes.

Impact you will have:

  • You’ll build and maintain a first-class data infrastructure, that supports a continuous delivery of data from many disparate sources to serve a wide-variety of analytical and product needs.
  • You’ll influence the fundamentals of how we model and warehouse data that is accessed by most teams across the company.

What you will do:

  • Collaborate with a data-focused Product Manager to improve the coverage and accuracy of our data products.
  • Refine the conceptual model for Amino’s entity, and storage patterns and policies for interacting with them.
  • Work closely with the Data Science team to define new entities, relationships, and insights, and help define technical patterns for how we bridge the gap from initial analyses in notebooks to reliable and automatic production processes.
  • Communicate with team members in Data Science, Product Engineering, Marketing, and Leadership to help understand and support their needs.
  • You will work with the following technologies (experience with them all is not necessary, but you should be interested in using or learning them): Python 3.6, Scientific Python, Jupyter; Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis; AWS, Terraform, Kinesis, S3, RDS, Elasticache, Lambda, Cloudwatch Logs; Git, Docker, Jenkins CI/CD; Spark, Databricks.

Projects you might work on:

  • Integrate new vendor and internal sources of data into our ETL pipelines.
  • Build out the next generation of our editorial tools to create and correct data about health entities.
  • Operationalize our healthcare cost statistical and machine learning models.
  • Greenfield new projects with processing streaming analytics data from our banking and transparency products.

Skills and experience you possess:

  • Deep experience in the healthcare domain, specifically dealing with healthcare claims data.
  • You’re experienced with a variety of relational and non-relational databases. (We primarily use Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and Redis.)
  • You are comfortable writing clean, well-tested code in Python.
  • You have experience handling and working with large datasets and the tools to manage them.
  • You have worked with ETL pipelines before and are familiar with data warehousing best practices.
  • You value and practice collaboration and feedback. You question and seek feedback on your own work and opinions.
  • Your documentation and verbal communication skills are excellent. You can communicate technical vision in clear terms to your peers as well as outside of the engineering team.
  • Experience with Apache Airflow and DBT are a plus.

About Amino:

We are a small team who believes that success is a group activity. You should expect to learn from everyone at Amino, and be excited to share your knowledge. You will play a big part in influencing the shape of the product and the technology we use, and will be empowered to make technical decisions and trade-off calls between scrappy ship-it pragmatism and the long-term maintainability of your code.

We believe in collaboration, respect, and curiosity. We believe in having a growth mindset, and have a passion for solving problems that have never been faced before. Everyone’s input is valued, be it about code, data models, business models, or product ideas.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We know the reputation and track record that the tech industry has, and work hard to be exceptional in this regard.

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