Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

This job is no longer open
About the company:
Founded by ex-Apple Product and Engineering leaders, Level is redefining the smart home with technology that is simple, intuitive, useful, and invisible. We recently raised a $100M C round and we're looking to grow our engineering team.
At Level, we take a unique approach to designing products - one that shifts focus from what we make to how we make it and who we make it for. It’s an approach that results in elegant and unique solutions, raising the bar for the entire smart home ecosystem.
It’s also an approach that has led to our partnerships with Apple, Amazon (including Ring integration), Walmart, and other industry leaders – assuring that our products provide solutions that align with the technology choices and preferences of our customers.
About the role:

As a Senior Data Engineer you design and build the data flows that facilitate decision making across the organization. From the product and engineering teams to operations and finance, your work has real impact on teams across the company. More specifically you work closely with subject matter experts and analysts to enable them to make decisions informed by data. This role is uniquely cross functional; on this small team your insight and creativity are very much in play when navigating technical and business trade-offs; selecting data sources, automating data acquisition, and structuring data for analysis are all at play with this role. Finally and crucially, as a Senior Engineer a big part of this role is providing leadership in the process of discovery, design, and building tools you and the rest of the Data Team leverage to deliver on the above. 



  • Provision new data sinks and build the wiring and/or code that populates those sinks with valuable raw data from a variety of sources to support product experimentation and device troubleshooting. 
  • Collaborate with engineers and analysts across our stack to improve our telemetry collection capabilities and better inform downstream alerting metrics and troubleshooting tools. 
  • Tackle data pipeline design, architecture, and implementation; iteratively improving our handling of high-velocity telemetry from hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of devices. 
  • Take the lead building robust processes and systems for managing permissions, environment isolation, and change management. 


Required Qualifications:

  • Pipeline Architecture: Pipelines, DAGs, and synchronization are your jam. Your deep insight into the nuances of how humans grok data lineage shows not just in your design, but also your documentation. 
  • Code wrangler: You’ve written and maintained software in one or more languages professionally.
    Handy with IAC tools: You’ve made the clouds do your bidding with nothing but a text editor and IAM creds. 
  • Proficient in SQL: You are comfortable working with tabular data using SQL including grouping, window functions, etc. Proficient in Data Modeling: You’ve re-shaped raw data to meet not just your needs, but a cohort of others. 
  • Support Triage: You have experience supporting users with varying degrees of technical expertise and developing effective triage 
  • strategies based on the signal within the noise. 
  • Monitoring Design: You’ve leveraged your understanding of a system or process to build monitoring solutions. 
  • Problem Statement Synthesizer: You have experience converting problem statements into analysis outputs that drive decisions. 
  • Familiar with Software Triage: You’ve got enough experience writing and troubleshooting software systems that you can quickly zero in on key caveats while discussing the code with authors/maintainers. 


Traits required for success in this role:

  • Comfortable with ambiguity: You love tackling nebulous problems through discovery, experimentation and iteration
  • Curious about People: You dive into nebulous problems and ask progressively better questions as you get more info about the problem being solved
  • Curious about Process: You're curious about the minimal information artifacts which need to be captured from a business process or user interaction in order to run an experiment.
  • Pragmatic about Maintainability: You take pride in the experience you provide to those who read your queries or extend your abstractions; an instinctive understanding of the tradeoff between time and succinctness shows in your work
More about Level Home:
When we look around our homes today, we see opportunity. We see “smart” products that lack utility and connected devices that push us further apart. We see consumers with high expectations, current standards set too low, and products that simply fail to deliver.
Level Home Inc. is re-inventing the standard. We’re redefining “smart”, to center around thoughtfulness, practicality, and the people who make the problem worth solving. We approach product design with a blank slate, zero assumptions, and an open-mind, because the way a problem is defined sets the stage for its solution. We couple deep expertise with unbridled curiosity, because to us “smart” means simple, intuitive, and useful.
We start with empathy, take new perspectives, and challenge existing standards. People are at the heart of what we do, and respecting their style, choices, and preferences is the first step to uncovering a thoughtful solution that truly improves their daily lives. After all, we’re not just designing products for a house, we are designing them for the people who make it a home.
Level Home Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability or genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.
A note to Recruitment Agencies: Please don’t reach out to Level employees or leaders about our roles -- we’ve got Recruiting covered. We don’t accept unsolicited agency resumes and we are not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes. Thank you for your understanding.
This job is no longer open
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