Senior Technical Program Manager - Data Science Engineering

Senior Technical Program Manager - Data Science Engineering

The engineering team at Root strives to be one of the most transformative engineering teams ever. We’re changing the way an industry works by leveraging technology and data to build the best products possible. Even with our significant growth, we operate in small teams that are given ownership over projects and results. We’ve found that the people closest to the problems are the best at solving them. We're actively hiring Engineers for our Columbus, OH or Chicago, IL offices, as well as those who prefer to work remotely! Remote employees must be located in the United States are expected to work either Eastern or Central timezone hours.

We’re scaling rapidly, and we recently launched a $6B IPO:

A Technical Program Manager at Root is expected to wear many hats.  You will serve as a business analyst to understand how our internal teams need to use the systems and what they want to get out of them. You will serve as a programmer analyst writing jobs, SQL scripts, and other programming functions to ensure appropriate data flows between our own production systems and the internal systems we utilize today and will utilize in the future. You will serve as a program manager ensuring all technical solutions are thought out upfront, and launched with full engineering rigor and operational preparedness. You will help our business teams maximize their productivity with these, and identify any opportunities for our production engineering teams to improve the functionality and interoperability between our software and these solutions. 

We divide the areas of responsibility for members of the Engineering Team into three major areas:
Technical: The skills and knowledge that make up an engineer’s basic problem-solving toolbox.
Planning and Execution: The ability to plan and execute assigned work beyond basic technical solutions.
Working with Others: The ability to work effectively with other engineers and people in other functions.

Scope of Impact: Multiple Teams, Large Initiatives, or Company

What we look for in Technical Program Managers:

Technical Skills

    • Deep understanding of technologies used in our internal systems, including data flows and system architecture.
    • Ability to launch, triage, and debug technical issues with in-house and 3rd party technical solutions.
    • Experienced with several programming/scripting paradigms - programming and SQL analyst skills are required in this role.
    • Knowledge of databases, SQL, and version control tools.  Ability to write SQL queries to build jobs and reports.
    • Strong understanding of infrastructure and systems operational best practices.
    • Strong understanding of Enterprise Data Warehousing and engineering workstreams.

Planning and Execution

    • Plans and completes large and complex multi-person or multi-team projects.
    • Foresees issues and requirements for large projects and features.
    • Provide clear requirements to our production engineering team when we need to change or add integration between our production systems and the technical solutions you manage.
    • Can disambiguate and decompose complex internal projects with low levels of pre-definition.  
    • Thinks critically about work to guarantee business functionality. Internalizes business goals in their technical decision-making.
    • Can break down large initiatives into incrementally implementable deliverables.

Working with Others

    • Provides effective and accurate technical feedback.
    • Able to work across teams to tackle complex issues.
    • Works with product owners, analysts and other functions to move company’s priorities forward.
    • Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
    • Ability to work independently and autonomously
Join us.
At Root, we judge people based on the merit of their work, not who they are. Very few (if any!) people will fit every description; so if you are passionate about what this role entails, and are excited by solving real problems, we encourage you to apply; we want to learn about you, and what you can add to our team!

Who we are.
Root Insurance is the nation’s first licensed insurance carrier powered entirely by mobile. We were founded on the belief that the services you need for everyday life should serve you better. That’s why we base insurance coverages on you, not your demographic. It’s the way insurance should be. And it’s all conveniently in an app.

What draws people to Root.
Our early success is in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as good as the people building and promoting it. We look for individuals who find solutions by going through the cycle of ideation to implementation with curiosity, rigor, and a highly analytical lens. Ask anyone who works here and you’ll hear similar reasons for why they joined:

Autonomy. For assertive self-starters, the opportunities to contribute are limitless.
Impact. By challenging the way it’s always been done, we solve problems that have a big impact on our business.
Collaboration. We encourage rich discussion and civil debate at every turn.
People. We are inspired by the collection of crazy-smart people around us
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