Sr. Analytics Engineer

Sr. Analytics Engineer

Decision Science is a high impact, cross-functional team of Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Analytics Engineers, Data Scientists, and Consumer Insights Researchers at Hudl.  We combine qualitative and quantitative data to deliver actionable insights and scalable analyses to power strategy at the highest levels.  We partner with internal Hudl teams and business leaders by providing self-service analytics, custom insights, and foresights to help them drive their business forward.  

Analytics engineers at Hudl solve problems that get in the way of doing analysis. In this role, you are essential to our data strategy in reducing burdens associated with our data models and analytics tools and platforms. You also play a critical role in helping us to diagnose what is getting in the way of efficient analytics today.  Identifying and addressing the root causes will allow Hudlies to make quick, data informed decisions by removing bottlenecks and automating each stage of the data ops lifecycle. One day, this might mean modeling our core data in a better way. The next day, it might mean onboarding a new analytics tool. It can also mean working with source data teams to map out the right data structure to get to a single source of truth on vital business constructs.  Our analytics engineers are critical to our analytics success because they enable our data analysts and data scientists to answer business questions using our data.  

You are

  • Passionate about analytics processes and tools. Our analytics engineering team sits between data engineers and data analysts/scientists.  Your overarching goal is to make analytics more efficient and effective at Hudl. You are interested in figuring out what tools, technologies, and processes companies should use when scaling their internal data teams, and how they should be working with source data teams.
  • Experienced. An expert with Data Build Tool (DBT), SQL and writing analytical Python and/or R, and with statistical modeling is a plus.
  • Highly skilled in data model design and development. You enjoy architecting complex data to make it easy to model, analyze, and understand, while utilizing your expertise with DBT.
  • Comfortable operating with ambiguity.  You forge your own path into uncharted territory by identifying next steps, getting others onboard, and taking decisive action. You enjoy setting an agenda and bringing others along, communicating to help stakeholders build a shared vision of success.
  • A Big Picture Thinker. As Hudl scales, you will be increasingly called upon to lead key elements of our data strategy. You don’t settle for what is given, but push for best practices to scale our analytics efficiently.
  • A Teacher. You love to teach others and work with data analysts and scientists to reduce redundancy and increase our data asset quality.
  • Confident that clean data and flexible processes are possible. While the modern data stack has increased flexibility in getting data to the hands of users, you believe that isn’t an excuse to accept poor data quality. 

You will

  • Apply DataOps principles to solve analytics problems. You believe that Analytics Engineering can make its biggest impact by automating the analytics and data science through process, standards, teaching, and tooling. Using DataOps principles, you will execute solutions that make analysis easy and trustworthy for those doing analysis at Hudl.
  • Help Define the Roadmap for Analytics Engineering at Hudl. We are in the midst of scaling our analytics engineering function and you will get the opportunity to help define the work with the biggest impact, and align the organization on priorities. 
  • Design, implement, and maintain our core data models and analytics pipelines. You will be designing, developing, and (in some cases) overhauling the most important data models for Hudl.  Hudlies rely on these data models for decision making, so your work is tied to impact on to the highest levels of Hudl’s business.
  • Evaluate new tools that make analytics more efficient and consistent. The data space is ever changing. In order to maintain high levels of performance from analytics, you will be in constant search of tools across the industry that will improve the way we do analytics.
  • Drive data quality at the source. You will drive data quality, not by long work-arounds but advocating with data producers to start with quality at the source, rather than creating work arounds for poor source data practices. You will define data quality metrics and create solutions to improve the quality of our analytics data repositories.
  • Define Best Practices You will have an opportunity to drive best practices and standards, providing technical leadership to our analyst community.
  • Seek root causes.  Whatever the challenge before us--doing analytics takes too long, or we can’t report on what business partners want--you will seek to understand the problem deeply and diagnose the core issues.  You will surface root causes, help others to recognize them, and get onboard with addressing them at the source.

We will 

  • Celebrate work at Hudl retreats. We like to gather our Hudlies from around the world to showcase achievements and strategize for the future. 
  • Treat you like an adult. We’re all about a healthy work-life balance. We’ll give you unlimited vacation time and have company-wide timeout days (no meetings allowed).
  • Provide career growth. We’re lifelong learners who encourage professional development. We’ll give you tons of resources and opportunities to keep growing.
  • Supply you with tools for success. We've invested in our office spaces, designing them with our employees in mind. You’ll have the enriching, flexible environment and powerful hardware you need to do your job well.
  • Support your mental and physical health. We care about our employees’ wellbeing. Our Employee Assistance Program, Employee Resource Groups and fitness partner Peerfit have you covered.
  • Cover your medical insurance. We have multiple plans to pick from to ensure you’ll have the coverage you (and your dependents) want.
  • Contribute to your 401(K). Yep, that’s free money. We’ll match up to 4% of your own contribution.
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