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Our mission is to empower data teams to build a strategic data capability that delivers high-quality, complete, and relevant data across the business.

Product Manager - Data Value

Product Manager - Data Value

Product Manager - Data Value
Ideally located in London or remote up to UTC +3/-3

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager with a passion for data to help us a product that empowers companies to collect and operationalize behavioral data. 

Background on our product and technology
Behavioral data is rich, granular data that describes how organisations engage with their customers and prospects on different touchpoints, including web, mobile, connected devices (e.g. wearables and SmartTVs), support forums, email and other platforms. This data offers organisations unprecedented opportunities to better understand and serve their customers. This data is the “fuel” to power a wide host of use cases, including:
Recommendation and personalisation
Product analytics and optimization 
Marketing attribution and measurements of lift

Modern digital businesses compete on their ability to collect and operationalize behavioral data. However, there are a host of technological, organisational and compliance challenges that businesses that want to use this data to drive value face. To give some examples of the technical challenges:
Each platform that apps run on have their own set of technical challenges. For example, recent privacy focused updates to major browsers (e.g. Safari, Firefox) have changed the behavior of cookies, with implications for what data can be tracked in particular circumstances
Event data from e.g. web and mobile can be hard to aggregate over in a data warehouse to build a modelled set of data suitable for executing different use cases e.g. marketing attribution, customer segmentation, customer 360 on top of data for use cases e.g. personalisation often needs to be processed at very low latency

We offer two products: an open source behavioral data pipeline that solves many of the technical challenges, and a paid for product, open core product, Snowplow Insights, that also solves the organisational challenges.

The opportunity we’re looking for a Product Manager to help us seize

Whilst our platform today significantly empowers data teams at our customers and open source users companies to collect and operationalize behavioral data, many of them still struggle to bridge the gap between implementing our technology and driving value from use cases built on top of the behavioral data.

Examples of challenges they continue to face:
Setting up new sources of behavioral data collection is not as easy as it could be. How can we better enable our users to set up rich, accurate, and complete data collection from their React or iOS apps, or newer platforms like Flutter?
Socializing the data in the data warehouse or data lake is often challenging because of the structure of event data and the platform specific peculiarities. How can we make it easier for our customers to work with the data in the data warehouse or data lake, by providing extensible data models, for example?Understanding the journey that customers go on is surprisingly complicated.
Can we make it easier for our customers and users to perform product or customer journey analytics with their Snowplow data, by providing alternative structures of the data in the data warehouse, or supporting loading the data into third party tools e.g. Amplitude and Indicative, that specialise in facilitating these sorts of analyses?Can we make it easier for our customers and users to activate their behavioral data to drive marketing campaigns, e.g. by providing better tooling to help them resolve identity in real-time, or stream the data into specialist tools e.g. CDPs?
Can we make it easier for our customers to build real-time applications on top of their behavioral data, by providing libraries and helper methods for building those applications, or better structuring and serializing Snowplow data in-stream?

We are looking for a Product Manager to focus on helping us evolve our open source and Snowplow Insights products to better meet these challenges, better empowering our customers and users to drive value from their behavioral data. You will work directly with co-founder and CPO Yali Sassoon, and the rest of the Product Management team, to develop the roadmaps for our products. You will work directly with our Data Value engineering team, who are focused on solving these challenges, and also with our broader engineering team to ensure that all parts of our stack are evolved in ways that better enable our customers and users to do more with their behavioral data. And finally, you’ll work with the broader Snowplow team, including marketing, sales, customer and support teams, so that we are correctly marketing, selling and supporting these features. 

Background on Snowplow the company and where we are today

It’s a hugely exciting time at Snowplow. Over the last 8 years, we’ve grown to a brilliant 70 person team that is spread out over 12 countries with nearly 150 customers spread across the globe and many, many more open source users, and we’re heading for even bigger and better things.
Our team is diverse. We are united by a shared set of values and a love of working together to solve difficult problems.

Our company values are Transparency, Honesty, Ownership, Inclusivity, Empowerment, Customer-centricity, Growth and Technical Excellence. These aren’t just words we plucked out of thin air, we came up with them together as a company and are continually looking to find new ways to weave these into our day to day operations. From flexible hours and working locations to the way we give feedback, we’re passionate about building a company that supports both company and individual development.

What you’ll be doing:
Strive for the extraordinary. We’re not looking to build me-too products. We’re looking to build a whole new category of product to empower a whole new type of team to solve a whole new set of challenges. We’re looking for people who dare to think differently, who love to be creative, enjoy collaborating to solve problems, are comfortable taking risks and using the opportunity that failure affords to learn more and progress.  Always be learning. The better we understand the data engineers, analysts, scientists and devops that make up the data teams that use our tech, the better able we’ll be to build products that make a difference for them. You’ll need to relentlessly focus on identifying and understanding the problems faced by those people in those teams.
Collaborate, collaborate and collaborate some more. You will need to build strong relationships and work effectively with many people and teams within Snowplow: you’ll perform user and prospect research and develop initial prospective solutions for testing with our Product, Design and Research team, work across the Engineering team to identify the best way to build new product and deliver it, and work with Customer, Sales and Marketing to create new, productive journeys for prospects interested in learning more about Snowplow.
Make a difference. You need to be passionate about making a difference to the people you’re building product for. You will be measured on the impact you have brining new data analysts, engineers, scientists, devops and their broader teams into our ecosystem, providing them with experiences that empower them and encourage them to continue to use our technology and become customers of our company. 

What you bring to the team:
You are passionate about data, technology and product development. Our company sits at the intersection of three really exciting disciplines: data, technology and product development. We are looking for someone to join our team who shares that passion and cares that data, technology and product development are “done right”.
You are curious with a love of learning. There is so much we do not know. There is so much we have the opportunity to learn. We need to understand the individuals and teams we’re building product for better than anyone else, if we’re going to build the products that best empower those individuals and teams.
You are pragmatic, with an ability to balance the need to make a difference today whilst laying the groundwork to ensure we can make an even bigger difference tomorrow. There are many problems we could tackle and a lot of product we could build. We need to relentlessly focus and prioritise to ensure we’re making the biggest positive difference we can be with the resources we have.
You bring out the best in the people you collaborate with. You possess high emotional intelligence. You are good at motivating and exciting different stakeholders to come together, explore a problem, develop a vision and work towards solving it. 
You are analytical and data-driven. You are effective at using data as an important tool to build understanding and measure progress. You think through problems systematically. 

What you’ll get in return:
A competitive package, including share options
25 days of holiday a year (plus public holidays)
Freedom to work from wherever suits you best
Cycle to work scheme
Two fantastic company Away Weeks in a different European city each year (or when this isn’t possible, we have “Stay Away Weeks”)
Mental health support including therapy sessions
Work alongside a supportive and talented team with the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and challenging problems
Grow and develop in a fast-moving, collaborative organisation
MacBook Pro
Convenient location in central London for those who want to work there
Continuous supply of Pact coffee and healthy snacks in the office when you’re here!
Snowplow is dedicated to building and supporting a brilliant, diverse and hugely inclusive team. We don't discriminate against gender, race, religion or belief, disability, age, marital status or sexual orientation. Whatever your background may be, we welcome anyone with talent, drive and emotional intelligence.

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