Senior Software Engineer, Data

Senior Software Engineer, Data

This job is no longer open

Caribou is seeking a skilled software engineer to drive data as a first-class citizen across the company. You will be part of the Data Engineering team, building our foundational data platform to drive multiple high-level, high-visibility business decisions and intelligence. You will connect engineering teams with analytics and data science teams to deliver BI solutions and Machine Learning insights for products.

You will participate in defining and championing architectural choices to implement self-service analytics and data requests, retaining data quality and trustworthiness,. 

Your daily tasks will include:

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining our data infrastructure using batch and streaming pipelines to deliver fit-for-purpose data products
  • Guiding and championing architecture of data-related initiatives between engineering and analytics
  • Building a platform of in-house and vendor software to empower other engineering and analytics teams with self-serve solutions
  • Mentoring, training, and sharing data engineering best practices with others within engineering and analytics departments
  • Guiding analytics teams with dbt best practices for the design and development of dbt models and marts fueling BI.
  • Designing and guiding dimensional modeling within our data warehouse to support stakeholders in understanding their specific needs using the context of the data lake across our entire company
  • Building production-ready Machine Learning Operations frameworks with engineering teams to deliver Data Science insights
  • Automate and operationalize data governance workflows (security, quality, and observability) to maintain stakeholder trust in company data
  • Troubleshoot and resolve data-related issues
  • Building internal data tools and frameworks

About You

You most likely identify with many of these qualities:

  • 5+ years of work experience in the domain and tech described above.
  • Clear and effective communicator in writing, speaking, and coding.
  • A collaborator who contributes to enhancing and evolving current processes, so we can succeed as a team.
  • Systems thinker who understands the value DevOps is creating a culture of developer-ownership through automation and infrastructure as code
  • Empathetic and considerate of not just first-order but second-order and third-order effects of actions taken or not taken.
  • Delivers high-quality work quickly, confidently, and with a high degree of intentionality.
  • Thinks and operates from the architectural level down to the details. Balances measuring twice and cutting once while always having a plan B for new situations.
  • A curious and hungry learner who can apply and share knowledge and a growth mindset with work and colleagues.
This job is no longer open
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