Software Engineer, Data Engineering

Software Engineer, Data Engineering

This job is no longer open


As part of a fast growing organization, MURAL's Data Engineering is looking to hire a mid-career Data Engineer to be part of the Data Platform team. Data Engineering is a tightly integrated team of core technical functions that support Data Practitioners spanning across Engineering, Analytics, Data Science and Machine learning teams at MURAL. We perform functions and provide support and services ranging from Ingesting data into the Data Warehouse and Data lake to making this data and insights on it available so these data practitioners can make better data driven decisions.

Our work is vital to the entire MURAL community so we can make a more creative, engaging, and fun way of working together. We help product analysts to understand users' experiences, financial analysts to gain insights on MURAL's business, and Sales and Marketing Analysts to build and act on the customers journey.

As an engineer of the Data Platform team, you will actively contribute to the mission of this team - To deliver data that is clean, complete, and on time. We use batch and streaming technology, as well as ETL/ELT workflows to ingest product, 3rd party, and event data. We handle the data lifecycle, from ingest to expiration. Last but not the least, we make sure that our solutions adhere to the data security, governance and compliance principles of the day.


We are looking for a Data Engineer capable of helping build and maintain the data pipeline architecture of MURAL, as well as writing APIs and tools to help other teams work with data. You will collaborate closely with Product, Analytics and Data Science teams to help them achieve their goals.

The Data Engineer applies their knowledge of data architectures, APIs, and the delivery and transformation of data in a reliable way.

The ideal candidate is passionate about both developing software and working with data, and is capable of challenging the status quo and redesigning existing solutions. They must be great teammates, always willing to collaborate with others.

As a member of the Data Platform team, you will:

  • Help build the platform, tools and APIs vital to enable other teams to work with data.
  • Improve the existing data platform and propose solutions.
  • Work closely with Product teams to help them explore the feasibility of experimental data-driven features, helping them narrow down preliminary or unclear requirements, and building the tools and APIs vital to support those features. A strong analytical attitude is a must.
  • Efficiently handle vast amounts of data from multiple sources and destinations, including relational and NoSQL databases as well as external systems, both in batch processing and real-time delivery.
  • Follow modern development standards and methodologies such as code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration, and agile methodology
  • Work as part of a team. We value teammates who share their knowledge and like collaborating with others.
  • Show initiative, completing your tasks and providing timely status updates to both the rest of your team and all of the customers, collaborators and partners.
  • Take full ownership of the solutions you build. This means analyzing requirements, building, tracking and monitoring them, and troubleshooting them if problems arise.


We are looking for a Software Engineer with 5+ years of demonstrated ability in a development role, preferably with Data Engineering experience, and who has attained a graduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent and/or who has the relevant experience.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in software development.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a distributed team.
  • Strong python skills with 3+ years of proven ability in industry.
  • Code an application from scratch following standard methodologies such as writing clean code with unit tests, and using continuous integration.
  • Experience in designing and developing web services and REST APIs.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of relational databases such as PostgreSQL, and ability to write non-trivial SQL.
  • 3+ years of proven experience in data modeling, ETL/ELT development, and data warehousing.
  • Knowledge of AWS services, with emphasis on Redshift and IAM.

Ideally you have...

  • Experience with AWS services: Redshift, Athena, and EMR
  • 2+ years experience with Databricks or Apache Spark.
  • 2+ years experience with CI/CD, with emphasis on Docker and Kubernetes.
  • 2+ years experience with Airflow, with emphasis on developing ETL pipelines using Airflow.
  • ETL and ELT development experience on large datasets (Terabyte scale or larger)
  • Experience with Apache Kafka is a plus
  • Experience with MongoDB is a plus

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This job is no longer open
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