Principal Data Scientist

Principal Data Scientist

This job is no longer open

Mission Lane’s Data Science Team is looking for a Principal Data Scientist to join us.

You’ll be a successful Principal Data Scientist if:

  • You’re personally motivated to help improve the financial health of the 100 million working-class Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck
  • You’ve created, deployed, and managed supervised learning models in production systems for vital applications
  • You enjoy being a technical mentor. You share best practices for software engineering and can help smart, knowledgeable, data scientists with hard mathematical problems.
  • You consider yourself a generalist data scientist and are more motivated by practical solutions than theoretical elegance
  • You practice solid fundamentals with software engineering (test-driven development, code review, refactoring) and the PyData stack (numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, etc.)
  • You can communicate, collaborate, compromise, and be sensitive to the needs of clients and your teammates

We are offering:

  • A low-ego, respectful, data science team committed to solving practical problems together
  • The chance to work at a company where data science is at the heart of the business and integral to both our day-to-day operation and our executive team’s strategic vision
  • Flexible work hours and flexible work location (even after the pandemic)
  • A generous parental leave policy
  • Excellent opportunities for career growth, with both management and technical tracks for advancement
  • A team that values learning and approaches work with a “growth mindset”
  • A competitive salary, equity, and a full benefits package (health, dental, vision, 401k)

You might be particularly excited about the role if you want:

  • To work on fairness, accountability, and transparency in machine learning (FAccT ML) or explainable AI (XAI)
  • To find practical ways to apply modern innovations from diverse research areas like Causal Inference, Cost-Sensitive Machine Learning, and Time Series Classification
  • To use distributed computing systems like Spark and Snowflake to manipulate data

If you’re excited about the role and aren’t sure if you meet all the requirements - we want you to apply anyway! We believe people can contribute to our team in a wide variety of ways and want to meet people who find meaning in our mission and our technical work compelling.


This job is no longer open
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