Data Platform Engineer

Data Platform Engineer

This job is no longer open
At Weights & Biases, our mission is to build the best developer tools for machine learning. W&B helps ML engineers train high-performing, fair, and reproducible models; visualize and analyze their progress; and share their work effectively with collaborators and the whole field. 

You would become an early member of the Data Science team. On the Data Science team, we’re passionate about understanding and improving the customer experience of the platform and tools through measurement, analysis, modeling, development, and peer mentorship. 

This team gets to partner with product, engineering, and growth to ensure a virtuous cycle of customer feedback, product metrics, product development, and experience optimization.

In this role, you will seek to understand how machine learning engineers utilize our tools to train and tune state-of-the-art deep learning models at scale. You will collaborate with Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Product Engineers to instrument and quantify our ML tools. Through this role you will have frequent opportunities to build the core data pipelines that enable recommendations to the organizational leaders. Data Science at W&B is a pillar of the product, business, and culture; as such the Data Science team informs strategy directly, and partners with all parts of the business to build a data-first habit.

What you'll achieve in this role:

    • Collaborate with the Growth team to create observability into our users, what behaviors they engage in the product, and how we can maximize the impact of the growth team.
    • Brainstorm with Product Managers to instrument our products to guide new tools and features for all data scientists.
    • Pair directly with our Engineers to expand our telemetry and capture the crucial data necessary for our data science initiatives.
    • Build pipelines, infrastructure, and telemetry to inform our business strategy and customer experiences.
    • Serve as a mentor and teacher to all members of the Weights and Biases team by communicating not only the results of your work, but how you got there, so that every employee feels empowered to be a data-citizen.

About You:

    • Practical experience with Data Engineering and the accompanying dataOps workflows.
    • Knowledge of Dbt, Airflow, Ansible, Argo, or other data pipeline systems; ideally experience building and maintaining a data warehouse.
    • Strong skills of working with a real data warehouse utilized daily.
    • Understanding of simple data science workflows and terminology. 
    • Some knowledge and understanding of web apps and best practices for logging and event instrumentation.
    • Excitement for MLOps and the Deep Learning toolchains.
    • History of writing easy-to-follow code and effective documentation for your projects.
    • Ability to clearly communicate your ideas to folks across a range of backgrounds and levels of technical knowledge.

Our Benefits

    • 100% health insurance coverage for employees, including vision, dental, and family coverage
    • 401k
    • Unlimited vacation time
    • Parental leave
    • Competitive salary
    • Equity
    • Remote flexibility

Why Join Us

    • Top-tier machine learning teams love and rely on our tools for their daily work at companies including Nvidia, OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute, Lyft, Samsung, and Pandora.
    • We have extensive experience working with companies to turn machine learning research projects into scalable, real-world deployments. We’ve watched hundreds of teams struggle to deploy machine learning models successfully, and the same problems show up repeatedly. Machine learning has created a fundamentally new kind of programming, requiring a fundamentally new set of developer tools. We created Weights & Biases to provide that missing toolkit.
    • Our user base is growing rapidly.
    • We have raised significant capital, but the team is still small and there is the room and resources to make a big impact.
    • Here's a quote from Wojciech Zaremba, Cofounder and Robotics Lead, OpenAI: "W&B allows us to scale up insights from a single researcher to the entire team, and from a single machine to hundreds of them."
    • Our data stack: Python, BigQuery, Mode, Segment, and the DL zoo
    • You’ll be one of the first data scientists to be doing ML for the MLOps space; meta machine learning on the world’s DL experimentation data.
W&B is free for individuals and academic users. We'd love it if you created a project and made a report in W&B on any topic that interests you. You can find inspiration and examples of reports at
We are looking for individuals located in the United States to cover the pacific time zone and eastern time zone.

We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't perfectly align with the job description. Team members who love to learn and collaborate in an inclusive environment will flourish here. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. If you need additional accommodations to feel comfortable during your interview process, reach out at

This job is no longer open
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