Machine Learning Intern

Machine Learning Intern

This job is no longer open
At Weights & Biases, our mission is to build the best developer tools for machine learning. Weights & Biases is a series C company with $200 million in funding and a rapidly growing user base. Our platform is an essential piece of the daily work for machine learning engineers, from academic research institutions like FAIR and UC Berkeley to massive enterprise teams including iRobot, OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute, Samsung, NVIDIA, Salesforce, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lyft, and more.

The Machine Learning Intern will partner closely with the ProductML team to prototype new machine learning workflows and visualization types in Weights & Biases, provide feedback on product features and showcase their findings via interactive Reports.

Project proposal requirement: Please submit a 1-page proposal of a project plan for your internship (8-10 weeks full time). Any project applying or advancing concepts in deep learning, machine learning, or data science is welcome. This proposal should include a clear research direction/topic(s), milestones, and strategy outline for your work, including the dataset(s), method(s), relevant existing work/repos, and core research questions you'd like to address/experiments you'd like to run. You should also include a description of how you will use Weights & Biases product features to achieve your goals. We're especially interested in projects focusing on recent research advances, new data visualizations/analysis features which would help our users, and concrete positive applications for the world (e.g. environmental sustainability, addressing algorithmic fairness & bias).

What you’ll achieve:

    • Integrate W&B into deep learning project(s) to visualize, explain, and advance their experiments and modeling
    • Provide detailed, prioritized internal feedback and file bug reports on W&B features and workflows
    • Create compelling interactive Reports to showcase your findings (see examples in our gallery:
    • (optional) Partner with developers as they build and ship features

What we’re looking for:

    • Fluent in Python and at least one major deep learning framework (PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc.)
    • Actively developing new techniques or applications of deep learning, machine learning, or data science models
    • Passionate about learning, sharing your research, and writing for all audiences

Core skills:

    • Here are some key characteristics that will help you thrive in this role:
    • Outgoing and friendly: Product research requires interfacing with all teams at Weights & Biases. We seek someone who is adept at communicating complicated material with everyone — from scientists and engineers to the general public. We also encourage all of our employees to connect with our users; you'll love this role if you enjoy seeking users to better understand how they use our product.
    • Autonomous: We value employees who thrive in a self-directed environment and proactively find ways to improve processes and collaborate with team members or engaged users.
    • Curious and driven: Explore machine learning and learn more about the engineering stack and common ML workflows. Solve problems in both fast-paced, short-term sprints and in larger, more long-term projects.
    • Organized: A core part of product research at Weights & Biases is delivering feedback in a digestible format for all stakeholders involved — including engineers, product managers, and customers. Your organization skills and time management will be key to running this process well.

Why join us?

    • Top-tier machine learning teams rely on our tools for their daily work at companies including OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute, Lyft, Samsung, and Pandora.
    • You'll never stop learning. This role gives you first-hand experience talking with leading researchers in the field, understanding their problems, and directly shaping the product direction.
    • Our experienced founding team has successfully built and sold ML tools in the past at Figure Eight, and their deep knowledge of our industry, empathy for our users, and skillful management is driving W&B to success.
    • Customers genuinely benefit from our tool. Here's a quote from Wojciech Zaremba, Cofounder and Robotics Lead, OpenAI: "W&B allows to scale up insights from a single researcher to the entire team, and from a single machine to hundreds of them."

Our Benefits

    • 🩺 100% Medical, Dental, and Vision for employees and Family Coverage
    • 🏠 Remote first culture with in office flexibility in San Francisco
    • 💵 $500 home office budget with new high-powered laptop
    • 🥇 Truly competitive salary and equity
    • 🚼 12 weeks of Parental leave
    • 📈 401(k)
We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't perfectly align with the job description as we seek out diverse and creative perspectives. Team members who love to learn and collaborate in an inclusive environment will flourish with us. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. If you need additional accommodations to feel comfortable during your interview process, reach out at
This job is no longer open
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