Lead Analytics Engineer

Lead Analytics Engineer

This job is no longer open
Our mission? Creating the finance solution that energizes SMEs and freelancers, so they can achieve more. We simplify everything from everyday banking to bookkeeping and spend management. At Qonto, we’re passionate about creating the best product, so if you’re looking for an ambitious team that’s revolutionizing an old-fashioned industry, get in touch!

Our journey: Alexandre and Steve launched Qonto in July 2017. Since then, the team has earned the trust of more than 400,000 customers and opened offices in Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Barcelona. Last summer, we joined forces with Penta, a market leader based in Berlin and Belgrade, forming a united team of 1,300 Qontoers. We also made it to the LinkedIn Top Companies French ranking!

Our values:
Ambition | We tackle big challenges. No matter what.
Teamwork | We create momentum by working together, at the same speed.
Mastery | We pursue excellence through continuous learning. We face challenges with humility. Every day.
Integrity | We're open. We're honest. And we earn the trust of our clients and each other.

You can find out more about the Qonto Way here.

Our beliefs: Our goal at Qonto is to create a warm and welcoming environment where individuals from all walks of life can truly thrive. We've gone above and beyond to ensure that every applicant is evaluated solely based on their skills and potential, rather than their gender, ethnicity, age, (dis)ability, or any other irrelevant factor. Our team consists of 49% international individuals, with 44% women and 20% parents. With this diversity, we are a powerful force! Join us in our mission to build a workplace that celebrates diversity and embraces individuality. Discover the steps we took to create a discrimination-free hiring process.

Our career track: At Qonto, we cherish your unique skills, breaking away from conventional labels like "senior" or "director," and instead, offering personalized career tracks and expertise levels from 1 to 9 that truly celebrate your impact!

To achieve Qonto's ambitious goals, we created the Data team, responsible for overseeing data analysis, engineering, and science. In just two years, our data department has grown from 5 to 60 people, and we continue expanding!

What is our Data platform? Its main function is to provide high-quality and available data to all Qonto employees using the Modern Data Stack (Kafka, Snowflake, dbt, Airflow, Tableau). Specifically, it provides data to all data teams: BI, Data Science, and Data Products.

 Mission: As a Lead Analytics Engineer, you will collaborate closely with the Data Engineering team to build our next-generation Data Platform.

 Impact: You will lead and grow the Analytics Engineering team who stages the relevant transformations from the Data lake to the Data warehouse to ensure efficient data models. Your team will be in charge of building up core, staging and reference tables to support data driven decision across Qonto.

👩‍💻🧑‍💻As a Lead Analytics Engineer at Qonto

50% of your time will be about:

Leading a team (up to 5 people) of talented Analytics Engineers. Below are the kinds of topics that will make your time at Qonto super interesting!
- Why is this kanban card (consisting of cleaning clients' conversations verbatim to make it available to data scientists) taking so much time?
-Is the new fact_subscriptions table that Jessica, your Analytics Engineer just developed good according to the standard? Should the standard be updated?
-The Head of Growth asked you to prioritize a new table recording the partnership, while the Head of Financial Planning count on you to gather all forecasts in one table. You have limited resources, but you need to prioritize
-Ouch, dbt jobs didn’t run gracefully last night. Apparently, a raw table schema changed overnight. How should your team react?

Nurturing your team by providing regular and constructive feedback, conducting 1:1 sessions and pairing sessions, offering mentorship, and conducting quarterly progress reviews.
Fostering collaboration with Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Product Owners and other business partners.

And because we strongly believe that our team leads need to remain close to the field,
the other 50% of your time will be about being hands-on:

Contributing to modeling, documenting, and testing the staging, core and reference data layers:
- Staging tables: raw data cleaned and normalized
- Core data table layer: all granular data objects (clients, bank accounts, transactions, etc.)
- Reference data table layer: wide tables that are self-sufficient for analytics need
- While providing guidance and helping your Analytics Engineers colleagues produce the best of outcomes.
Provide support to data consumer teams by :
- Building staging, core & reference models upon request
- Guiding BIs in their construction of the datamart layer, as well as their migration of Tableau dashboard queries on the revamped data model

🏅 About You

First things first, we value diversity and we care a lot about the profile of the people joining us. We obviously look for driven, detail-oriented people, as every company, but we would love it even better if you are curious, smart, solution-driven and adaptable to a world that will challenge you every day :)

Mastery: You are knowledgeable about dimensional modeling, and have a good understanding of data governance mechanisms
Delivery: When presented with a complex problem, process or existing system you are able to reduce the complexity in order to get more done with less work. You take pride in finishing projects with the best quality.
People Management: Through your past experience, you have demonstrated the ability to help people grow and work together on successful projects. You never shy away to challenge the status-quo.

🏁 What does a successful onboarding look like?

After 30 days
- You have your routines(1:1, personal dashboard) and team rituals (You decide what :) )
- You have met your immediate network: your team, other DE and AE Leads, BI Leads, and managers of the data team
- You have made a first, even if small, contribution: you contributed to problem solving, you updated a model, you improved a standard, etc.

After 90 days:
- Your Kanban is impeccable, comprehensive and discoverable by someone else: delays and issues appear at a glance, your team delivery is completely mapped onto your board
- You have improved something related to your team: a process, your team operating system, an existing training, etc.
- You have identified a specific strength of each one of your team members and have communicated this strength to them

After a year:
- Your team is autonomous in their ways of working (DoD, Kanban …) and predictable. (Anticipate delays, work out solutions from problems, …)
- You have improved something related to the data platform department. Teamwork, technical debt, people retention strategy, etc…
- You have a clear career journey for each of your team members.

🤝 Your future manager and department Head
Our Head of Data platform is David. He has a strong international career with multiple software and data engineering experiences. Before joining Qonto in January 2022, he was the CTO of several startups in the sports & video game industries.

What will he bring to you and the team?
David has a lot of experience in Software Craftsmanship, Extreme programming and Data streaming. You will have the opportunity to work in a team that values high-quality software! He also fosters and promotes a highly collaborative workplace, & embraces ambitious and difficult technical challenges.

🤔 What you can expect

-Join the team that is winning SME banking in Europe. Qonto is on track to power one million SMEs in 2025.
-Work in a fast-paced environment with a strong focus on quality.
-Participate in the decision-making process based on qualitative/quantitative data.
-Keep learning and improving: there are four weeks dedicated to specific training, a budget for one conference every year, as well as books, online training, and practices showcasing continuous improvement.
-Share knowledge among the whole tech and product team (internal and external talks, weekly meetings, and Tech Monthly) and the community (articles, meetups).

At Qonto we understand that true diversity isn't just about ticking boxes on a hiring checklist. Apply regardless of the boxes you tick! Who knows? You may have the missing piece of the puzzle we've been searching for all along.
🎁 Perks

A laptop. An inclusive work environment. A tailor-made career track. And so much more to help you succeed.

- A central fully-renovated building in Paris with WeWork services
- Monthly team events
- Tailor-made remote work policy depending on the job you apply for
- 25 days of paid leave + 5 Qonto days or 25 days of paid leave + 10 RTT +/-
- Alan health insurance, Moka Care to take care of your mental health, and Gymlib for sports and wellness activities
- A Swile lunch card: 50% covered
- A progressive parenthood policy as part of our commitment to the Parental Act (1 in 6 of Qonto employees is a parent!) and childcare benefits with selected partners

💪 Our hiring process:

- Interviews with your Talent Acquisition Manager and future managers
- A remote exercise to demonstrate your skills and give you a taste of what working at Qonto could be like

We will send you an interview guide so you can best prepare yourself.

On average our process lasts 20 working days and offers usually follow within 48 hours 🤞

Thank you for considering joining Qonto. We cannot wait to learn more about you!

One last thing. We recently raised 486M€ in our Series D to ensure we keep growing safely, despite the current economic environment looking a bit gloomy. We revealed our plans for the future here.

To learn more about us:
Qonto's Blog | Les Échos I Challenges | Forbes

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This job is no longer open
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