Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

To achieve Qonto's ambitious goals, we created the Data team, responsible for overseeing data analysis, engineering, and science. In four years, our data department has grown from 5 to 60 people, and we continue expanding!

⭐ Mission: Qonto is looking for a talented Machine Learning Engineer to join our Data Products team of 12, and create, train & deploy impactful machine learning models!

🎯  As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will

Have a business impact: Participating in enhancing our product will be crucial to Qonto's business success and growth.
Partner with Key Stakeholders: Work closely with the product team to build new features and improve the user experience with AI. You will be able to put yourself in the shoes of our customers to draw the best feature possible for them
Help Qonto scale our models: We truly believe that we are only at the beginning of Qonto's journey in our Data Product team. We currently have around 10 models in production and we would like to expand further and improve their performance
And also working on transversal topics like creating a feature engineering platform to centralize our features and make them easily accessible, the aim is to be fully prepared to scale our team and make it easier to create new models
Help enhance the team: As a true expert in your field, your knowledge and skills will be key to helping our team grow

🔥 See an example of a key project you may work on
Improving our OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a powerful tool that extracts relevant information from invoices. We use this extracted information to enhance the customer experience by automatically attaching invoices to related transactions and classifying them, which helps provide a clear view of their finances and simplifies the preparation for their accountants.

🚀  What you can expect
-Join Qonto who is winning SME banking in Europe. Qonto is on track to power one million SMEs in 2025
-Develop dozens of customer-impacting innovative data products ranging from understanding better our clients to Qonto's app killer features
-Work with a top-notch team with strong knowledge-sharing practices
-Leverage our values and our culture of continuous improvement to boost your impact
-Our data teams are part of our Tech team, granting us easy access to our infrastructures while also supporting teamwork
-Qonto is highly data-driven and our different business stakeholders are also thriving in that direction

🏅 About You
Experience: You enrich our team with essential AI skills, bringing a deep understanding of common AI architectures and experience in deploying these models into production.
Mastery: You have a solid foundation in key areas such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision (CV). Your familiarity with technologies like Transformers, BERT, and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) is advantageous. You are also proficient in using tools such as Pytorch or TensorFlow.
User-focused and Outcome-oriented: You aim to solve high-impact business problems and deliver substantial value to our users, prioritizing simplicity and impact in your approach.
Software Engineering best practices: you document, version, and test your code systematically.
Communication: You appreciate the teamwork that data products typically require, and you have effective communication skills, to build alignment and articulate purpose.
Language: You are fluent in English.

🌏 Location: You can choose to work in a full remote mode as long as you're living in (or willing to relocate to) either Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Portugal or Spain.

At Qonto we understand that true diversity isn't just about ticking boxes on a hiring checklist. Apply regardless of the boxes you tick! Who knows? You may have the missing piece of the puzzle we've been searching for all along.
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