Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

This job is no longer open

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer (m/f/d)

At Jimdo, our mission is to help small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online. Small businesses face new challenges with very little support or recognition. We know how hard this can be, because we have been in their position. That’s where you can help us—by designing intuitive tools to help small businesses solve complex problems.

With a forward-leaning and self-driven attitude, we continue to find new ways to help our customers get their ideas out into the world. As a team, we run at a steady pace to achieve what we aim for. We learn best by gathering data, trying new things, and sometimes even falling down along the way. It’s the lessons we learn in the process that make us better problem-solvers for small business owners.

If you’re motivated by our mission and excited to roll up your sleeves, try new things, learn from mistakes, and make a difference to small businesses around the world, we would love to work with you.

The Team

The Data Engineering team is developing, operating, and improving a highly scalable, robust and resilient data infrastructure which is the backbone of all data services, the central data warehouse and our reporting & analytics infrastructure. As business needs are growing and becoming more diverse, the team plans to increase the scalability of our systems and to introduce new services for a variety of use cases, ranging from core infrastructure and Data/DevOps tasks to advanced monitoring and anomaly detection. The team cooperates with the Analytics teams in the Data Department in order to maximize the business impact and also works closely with the Jimdo infrastructure teams.


We are happy to invite you to work with us in our office in Hamburg or permanently remote from any location. Wherever your working location of choice will be, we will make sure you get proper onboarding (virtual or in person) and that you are fully equipped to become part of the team from day one.

What You'll Do

  • Design, build and operate data infrastructure and DataOps tooling, and further advancing our approach to designing robust, self-healing, resilient systems.
  • Implement advanced monitoring and alerting with respect to the data infrastructure as well as the data, the data flows and pipelines, this also includes anomaly detection.
  • Ensure high test coverage and improve our QA and testing concepts with respect to the data pipelines and workflows.
  • Educate and consult data & analytics engineers on designing, building and operating maintainable, scalable, and reliable data services and workflows.
  • Be responsible for the overall system’s health of the data infrastructure.

What We Value

  • Jimdo's success is rooted in no small part in consequently using state-of-the-art cloud services. We are looking for engineers that have a solid grasp of cloud technologies and have a strong interest in distributed systems.
  • Our data infrastructure and the services running on top of it ultimately contribute to the success of our several millions of customers and we believe that in the future data will play an even bigger role both for our users and for Jimdo. You fit right in if you share the same view about creating value from data and have experience in building and operating great tooling for this purpose.
  • We leverage different technologies and languages depending on the problem we try to solve, so we value people who are able to pick up new languages and tools when necessary and are able to find the right tool for the job at hand. Currently, we use e.g. Python and Java, but also some Ruby and Kotlin.
  • You have excellent problem-solving skills. You use a systematic and thorough approach. You think from first principles. You have a bias for action and know how to diagnose and resolve problems within complex systems.

Stefan is looking forward to receiving your application.


At Jimdo we are ready to start working with new colleagues as soon as possible. Even though we can’t do the onboarding process in the office as we normally would, we will still make sure that you get a thorough online and virtual onboarding, and to help you feel like you are a part of the team from day one.

It is not a limitation if you don’t live in Germany right now. We will invite you to start working with us from your current location for the time being. Once the boarders are reopened and the Embassies accept visa applications again, we will initiate the relocation process to Hamburg. Until then you will be invited to work with us remotely with temporary contract.

This job is no longer open
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