Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

This job is no longer open

A Senior Data Scientist in the core data science team is responsible for overseeing and contributing to the development of machine learning models and products that drive meaningful business value. The Senior Data Scientist is a leader within a business unit, which leverages their business knowledge and technical expertise to define and deliver on the vision of machine learning within their facet of the business. Senior Data Scientists are directly responsible for supporting other more junior Data Scientists who also operate in their business unit both technically and professionally.

Job Duties

Machine Learning and Statistical Applications

  • Build statistical and machine learning models using R and Python to improve products or accomplish business objectives
  • Utilize statistical methods to understand and communicate findings from complex datasets
  • Analyze and organize various data sources to assist in providing analysis that drives business outcomes
  • Prototype new ideas to quickly determine feasibility and business value     

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Work with Product Management/Business Leadership to define data science roadmap within context of the business
  • Create presentations and other materials to assist in creating buy-in and understanding with non-technical stakeholders
  • Assist in developing more junior data scientists both technically and professionally
  • Lead business facing conversations that explain technical methodologies and implementations in a approachable manner

Additional Technical Responsibilities

  • Assist in implementing production level model applications
  • Collaborate with data engineers to collect new data and improve data quality
  • Gather data from enterprise data sources using SQL
  • Improve model delivery by continuing to develop data science standards for production level code

Continuous Learning

  • Research advancements in the field to discover new opportunities for development
  • Share findings and learning opportunities with fellow team members through mini-seminars and demonstrations
This job is no longer open
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