Success Engineer

Success Engineer

This job is no longer open

Metabase users need your help! Many of them are busy doing their day jobs and don’t always know the best ways to use Metabase. They need help figuring out how to get data from all the various places it lives, transform it into useful shapes, or to convert their questions into actual queries that can be executed. That’s where you come in!

At Metabase, Success Engineers own the entire customer journey from when folks start using the open source edition to when they decide to be a Metabase customer. You’ll have the opportunity to work with prospects figuring out how best to integrate Metabase in their environment as well as existing customers as they scale Metabase in their organization.

This is a remote position with no geographical requirements. You’ll likely be working with folks in Seattle, San Francisco, and Copenhagen.

About the job

Your day will involve a mix of helping our users (one to one), writing up your solutions to help our entire user community (one to many) and helping us maintain our reference applications like embedding and SSO. Any given week, you’ll be talking to our users to hear what they’re trying to accomplish, advising customers on integrating their existing data infrastructure with Metabase, dropping into a programming language to debug an embedding issue and writing blog posts. You’ll also be creating or updating documentation based on customer interactions.

About you

Being a Success Engineer at Metabase would be a great fit for you if you:

  • Enjoy helping people and solving their problems
  • Have previously been a Data Engineer or Data Analyst and want to work directly with customers
  • Have a strong technical background (minimum of 1-2 years writing production code or administering systems)
    • Possess strong SQL knowledge
    • Have familiarity with running Metabase (or other JVM applications) on a variety of operating systems
    • Are familiar with AWS, GCP, or other cloud providers
    • Are familiar with open source databases like MySQL and Postgres
    • Are also familiar with managed data warehouses like Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake
  • Are familiar with Metabase (or other BI solutions) and interested in learning it inside and out
  • Are comfortable with GitHub and community forum software.
  • Are fluent in multiple languages (this is helpful as our users are world wide)

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Metabase fully supports remote employees and we have folks across the globe.

If you can, we’d love for you to include a few words on what excites you about the cross between customers and technology. :)


This job is no longer open
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