Data Engineer

Data Engineer

This job is no longer open
Nielsen Media would not function without our Technology teams! We are catalysts for delivery quality, on-time, reliable measurements to clients, and we are cultivators, growing our employees through education, skill building and experiences. Around the globe, our Technology teams are relentless in our pursuit of superior analytics, technology, process and support.

Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. Nielsen’s Total Content Rating and Total Ad Rating services measure media and advertising exposure across all platforms. 

Nielsen services are powered by innovative data ingestion devices and data collection platforms. We are building a common architecture group where-in the hired Engineer will play a hands-on role in standardizing these platforms. This person will be developing a foundational framework to modernize and transform these platforms into microservices deployed in containers, as a stepping stone to their cloud migration. They will also be responsible for providing Cloud Techops and Support Services to teams migrating to cloud. 

A successful candidate needs to demonstrate (citing real experience) their hands-on contribution to complex systems re-architecture and successful migration to cloud. 

This is an exciting opportunity to join a team where your talent and contribution will be highly valued. We have a really informal work culture with tons of extra curricular activities. 

Responsibilities You will be responsible for developing framework components that are strategic for Nielsen platforms. Researching and prototyping reference solutions levering standard cloud design patterns. Hands-on development using microservices, containers, infrastructure as code and automation will be some of the key responsibilities. The Engineer will be embedded with different platform teams as an expert in cloud migrations. 

● Hands on research on relevant cloud architectural patterns of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
● Coding and prototyping of common architecture components and help platform teams reuse.
● Convert legacy systems into microservices and replicate the process for other systems.
● Containerize the new microservices and replicate the process for other systems.
● Automate the deployment of applications to AWS cloud and replicate it for other systems.
● Actively support Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) and DevOps.
● Administer configuration management, integration, deployment and monitoring tools. 

Required Experience Must have at least 4 years experience developing and deploying production applications to AWS cloud. Must have hands on experience in the area of AWS networking, storage, compute services and infrastructure as code. Experienced in developing and deploying secure, scalable, highly available and reliable applications on AWS.  
● Experience developing applications using common Design/Architecture patterns for cloud.
● Experience developing reusable components that are used by multiple project teams.
● Experience developing microservices that orchestrated in using Containers.
● Experience developing software within an automated pipeline for deployment into containers. 
● Experience writing automated scripts for building up and tearing down clusters.
● Experience instrumenting observability, security utilizing modern monitoring/logging tools.
● Experience working and troubleshooting networking, storage, compute of clusters.
● Experience programming using popular languages and frameworks 
● Extensive experience in building and maintaining large-scale, complex application systems in a team environment. 
● Experience working in Agile scrum methodology based development teams
This job is no longer open
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