Data Engineer - Entry Level

Data Engineer - Entry Level

Company Description

Our focus is to help Biotech/BioPharma, MedTech, Digital Health, Healthcare, Insurance, and Tech organizations accelerate innovation, enable data-driven decisions, and create AI/ML applications. We leverage AI to solve today’s hardest challenges. We are driven to make the world a better place by providing consulting services and building applications to improve outcomes and help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our team is composed of creative and results-focused individuals who excel at solving real-world problems. Our diverse backgrounds bring technology and expertise from various disciplines including neuroscience, physics, engineering, computational biology, genomics, mathematics, and computer science.

Our culture is vibrant, connected, rooted in our core values statement that:
Our work matters. Our clients are partners. Our work is our reputation. We own our choices. We are always learning. We support and challenge each other.

This role is eligible for flexible hours and remote work.

Job Description

We are looking for recent or soon-to-be graduates in the STEM space or those who are exceptionally talented in the software space regardless of education. If you love to code, are open to a challenge, and are willing to work to be the best in the field, then this is the job for you.

Depending on your experience you could either work as a Data, ML, or Software Engineer working on client engagements or on internal product development. You will be exposed to cutting and bleeding-edge technology - and may be involved in building it too! 

We are a predominantly Python/Javascript shop, but there will also be exposure to Go, R, Java/Scala, C/C++, and much more. You will become, if you aren’t already, a trained cloud guru, knowledgeable in not only the cloud vendor stacks but also in cloud-native stacks.

You’ll come in with your current skills and over your tenure and progression upward here you will become an expert in software engineering, data engineer, machine learning engineering, DevOps engineering, and much more.

If you are more experienced and think that you may fit a higher grade, then send in your resume anyhow, we are always on the lookout for exceptional engineers.


  • Entry to intermediate coding skills in Python or javascript
  • Experience with version control
  • Experience building a solution in code (school work, personal projects, etc)
  • Know what the Cloud is and basic around using the cloud
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure-as-Code
  • A STEM Degree or similar experience

Tools We Love

  • Programming Languages: Python, Javascript, Scala, C++, Matlab
  • DevOps: Terraform, Docker, Kuberentes, git, Jenkins, and related toolsets
  • ML Workflow Tooling: Sagemaker, MLFlow, Kubeflow, DVC, Argo+Polyaxon+Seldon, Argo
  • Data Processing: dbt, python+pandas, AWS Glue (Jobs), Spark/pySpark, Fivetran, Matillion, Dask
  • Data Warehousing/Lakes: Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Synapse, Athena, S3/gcs/ADLS

Additional Information

Skill Level
1-2 years experience/relative skills

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