Product Analyst

Product Analyst

This job is no longer open

Smartcat is the operating system for the global translation industry. Our team believes that the world becomes ever-more connected and interdependent. The borders that prevent people from trading, working together, and exchanging knowledge and innovations erode over time. That is the future we want to live in. Our mission is to speed up the pace at which that happens, building the best platform for Connected Translation. We don’t believe automation will render language professionals obsolete. Instead, we place powerful software into the hands of the millions of people working to globalize their own industries, plug them into our global supply network, and enable continuous delivery of multilingual content. With tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of freelancers translating together on Smartcat, we are well on our way.

Product Analyst Mission

Your mission is to accelerate business growth with reliable data, clear dashboards and funnel insights. You will be one of the key players behind the leadership team and product managers accelerating our product-led-growth engine to the next level.


  • Cover executive team demands by building BI reports to increase experiments amount per quarter X3
  • Help business to achieve X2 growth of NSM within first three months using data insights
  • Cover all crucial marketing team BI demands to increase new End-Customer ARR by 35%


  • 2+ years of experience in the Product analytics field
  • Strong SQL knowledge (joins, window functions, query optimization, CTE)
  • Experience with BI systems (Tableau, Power BI, Grafana, Redash, etc)
  • Mathematical and statistical skills for hypothesis testing
  • Considered as an advantage: Experience in Marketing analytics
  • Considered as an advantage: Python for data analysis
  • Considered as an advantage: Basic knowledge of ML
  • Upper-intermediate English
  • Growth mindset
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working in a highly dynamic startup environment, where you can make big things happen by turning thoughts into action
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • Integrity and full commitment
  • Openness to constructive feedback and the opinions and ideas of others

Our technologies

  • Data warehouse in PostgreSQL (ClickHouse is on the way)
  • Legacy ETL on C# + New ETL (Airflow)
  • Grafana as UI
  • Mixpanel for product analytics
  • Team backlog in Youtrack
  • Corporate messenger - Slack
  • Git for source code

Why joining Smartcat might be your best move so far

  • The ongoing rise of the content economy is causing a massive shift in the language industry. All today’s megatrends big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning are converging in it at lightning speed. Smartcat’s disruptive business model taps into this $50b industry with a market network where buyers and suppliers connect, collaborate, and leverage our free-to-use workflow SaaS. The next decade will be the era of market networks and reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, and we’re pioneering this global transformation in all things language-related
  • You will enjoy building with us. You will drive changes in how an old-fashioned global language industry operates while improving how hundreds of thousands of people work, and millions of people exchange knowledge and ideas in the world
  • While the language industry is big and fragmented enough to keep us busy building a billion-dollar company in the next few years, we are already seeing how the network naturally expands to adjacent language and content-related verticals, expanding our TAM and making our journey even more exciting
  • We are a global team of 150+ enthusiastic people, with hubs in Boston, London and Yerevan — and our users and partners are scattered all around the globe. We’re eager to succeed and transform the world of language services for the better. We grow aggressively while preserving our culture of empathy. As diverse as we are, we love working and having fun together, and we’re sure you’ll love working with us too
  • Smartcat is backed by Matrix Partners, FJ Labs, and other top VC firms focusing on SaaS and marketplace startups (you might recognize names like HubSpot, Zendesk, Uber, Stripe, RigUp and Quora in their portfolios). This helps us innovate at a fast pace and learn from top professionals in other industries.
This job is no longer open
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