Research Scientist

Research Scientist

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at DreamBox.
About Us:
Right now, even though STEM skills are increasingly important, over 60% of students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are not proficient in math at their own grade-level. The pandemic has increased the opportunity gap for our most vulnerable students. As a society, we need to bring together our best, most creative minds to tackle this critical problem and ensure all kids are successful in math and school and have the tools they need to reach their potential. This includes developing the most innovative learning technology using advanced data science in a way that inspires students and empowers teachers. Come help us make a difference at DreamBox Learning.
We’re passionate about our mission to radically transform the way the world learns. Today, our Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform – with its rigorous math curriculum and game-based environment – is helping 5 million kids and over 150,000 educators improve math achievement and build a love of math at the same time. In the wake of COVID-19, and the broad range of learning experiences: in-person, all virtual and hybrid models, we are uniquely positioned to bring our best-in-class adaptive learning platform to more students and provide Educators and Parents with insights into their student’s learning.

What you will be doing:
As a Research Scientist, you will join a growing team of researchers and analysts who support research across the company.  You will collaborate with others from Product Development, Design, Engineering, Customer Experience, Sales, and Marketing to conduct in-depth research on student learning, assessment, and usage behaviors.  Your research efforts will be used to shape product development, develop enhancements that optimize learning and engagement, and impact millions of students.
This is a rare opportunity to be a part of a small, high energy, rapidly growing company at an exciting time in the development of new educational technologies.  Check us out at and see what our teachers and students think on Twitter.

On your first day, you should show up ready to:

    • Explain what separates great research projects from mediocre ones in terms of design, sampling, and analysis, particularly when dealing with something as complex as education science.
    • Teach someone the fundamentals of traditional statistical analyses such as ANOVA/regression, generalized linear models, and various longitudinal and time series models.
    • Conduct sophisticated analyses using modern statistical, data mining and predictive analytics methods such as factor analysis, item-response models, decision trees/random forests, resampling/simulation, and Bayesian inference.
    • Use R or Python for research or data science projects and write complex data queries using SQL.
    • Communicate data and insights to make specific product recommendations or business decisions based on the findings of a research study.

What you will learn more about after you are hired:

    • Our extensive data warehouse, research tools, past studies, and current research projects.
    • The ways in which we collaborate with Senior Leadership, Engineering, Curriculum, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales to evolve our product and drive our business forward based on science and data-driven decision making.
    • The educational theory upon which DreamBox is built, and what makes it the most effective K-8 mathematics solution in the world today.

Within your first three months you will:

    • Collaborate on the design and analysis of experiments (ex. A/B testing or randomized controlled trials) to evaluate the impact of new product features and learning pathways.
    • Conduct analyses of existing data from our extensive data warehouse in collaboration with others on the Research team in support of critical product development initiatives.
    • Provide feedback and guidance to other Research Scientists and Data Analysts on how to improve their projects, as well as contribute to code reviews and feedback on research best practices.

Within your first year you will:

    • Independently design and implement formative and summative research on assessment and growth of mathematical proficiency.  Research projects will support a range of company goals, including developing new product features, understanding impacts associated with changes or enhancements to the product, and evaluation of outcomes associated with external student proficiency.
    • Communicate data and insights and make specific recommendations to diverse audiences including Senior Leadership, Engineering, Curriculum, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales, as well as external customers from partner school districts.
    • Collaborate cross-functionally; empower and guide others to work effectively and efficiently with data.
    • Directly make suggestions to improve team practices and create a data-informed culture.
At DreamBox, we are hooked on celebrating diversity & providing an inclusive workplace and it shows throughout our product, brand, and teams. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Thanks for considering DreamBox Learning!

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at DreamBox.
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